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Phyllis Brooks Licis

“Have you ever been so smitten by something, that suddenly it took precedence over everything else you were doing?!  That is exactly what happened when I first experienced Deep Imagery.  As a Therapist, I knew that I needed to be trained in this ground-breaking process!”

With over 25 years of experience as a licensed clinical therapist, with expertise in individual therapy and couples’ counseling, Phyllis has learned that being in “right-relationship” with ourselves and others means listening to the wisdom of our bodies and following the truth of our hearts.

Earning a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from Boston University and studying Family Therapy at Chicago and Boston Family Institute, Phyllis received certification in Hypnosis from Winchester Hospital, Winchester, MA.

Phyllis trained in Ireland with Dr. Eligio Stephen Gallegos, Ph.D., founder and pioneer of Deep Imagery.  Recognized by the International Institute for Visualization Research for her work with Deep Imagery, Phyllis is a certified Deep Imagery Workshop Leader and Deep Imagery Trainer.

Moving from her beloved home in Rockport, MA to the warm sands of Ft Myers, FL, in January 2008, Phyllis closed Envision Health and Healing in Wenham, MA and her private psychotherapy practice and has now shifted the focus of her work to teaching Deep Imagery workshops and to training other therapists, healing professionals and lay people in the process of Deep Imagery. Phyllis now travels throughout the United States providing Deep Imagery workshops and training. Her seasoned expertise, creativity and sense of humor enrich her work with both men and women.

As an artist, therapist, with two grown children, Phyllis embraces all with her warmth, compassion and openness, and passionately encourages each of us to trust in an inner knowing, as we see and give voice to the lessons in our own life stories.

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