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Into Wholeness, Second Edition, is a treat for both experienced imagery practitioners and for those new to the field. This second edition extends the discussion on Deep Imagery, very much placing Dr. Gallegos’ way of relating to the deep imagination in terms of a spiritual journey. The discussion on the nature of  deep imagery is beautifully interspersed with examples from Dr. Gallegos’ own healing journeys which serve as inspiration to the reader to explore their own deep imagination.  Into Wholeness illuminates the availability of this unique path to wholeness within each individual.  Dr. Gallegos characterizes the deep imagination as a dear and wise friend, waiting within for us to say hello, a friend who knows us well, who desires our healing and is uniquely able to guide us towards our own wholeness. Into Wholeness is an inspiring book, a must read for all imagery aficionados and for anyone seeking their own path to wholeness.

Mary Diggin, PhD, Deep Imagery Trainer

Author Nasty Women, A Mythological Survival Guide; The Stories we Tell.

From the book:

By developing an open and direct relationship with our deep imagination, we open ourselves to that wisdom that dwells in aliveness itself. The deep imagination carries within itself the potential of all experience. Not just the experience of this short lifetime that we take to be our own, individually, but the experience of that entire path that aliveness has traversed from the very beginning, from the origin of life itself.  (Page ix)

I then found myself out of Lynx’s body once more, sitting beside and slightly below him. “Wow,” I said. “You see the world very differently from the way I see it!” “That’s because you’re dead!” Lynx answered.
I was shocked. This was not at all what I expected to hear. Taken by surprise, I could only make a stunned reply. “I don’t want to be dead! How did I die?”
“You killed yourself!”
“How did I kill myself?” I asked, incredulous at what I was hearing.
“Every time you avoided your fear you killed a little part of yourself!”, answered Lynx in his straightforward manner. (Page 65)

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