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The Personal Totem Pole (book) was first published in 1987. It has never been out of print in that time. The book remains a steady seller as it serves still as one of the clearest and most accessible descriptions of how a person can access the Deep Imagination.

The Personal Totem Pole tells the story of the discovery of the chakra power animals. The chakra power animals are the basis for the therapeutic model known as the Personal Totem Pole Process©. The PTPP© is an internationally acclaimed discipline, with practitioners worldwide. Accessing as it does the experience of Deep Imagery through the chakra system of the body, it describes a way to engage with the deepest levels of imagery and still remain grounded and rooted in body.

The Personal Totem Pole is a personal account by Dr. Gallegos of his experiences with his Totem Pole animals and of the experiences of some of his clients with theirs. The book is a gentle introduction to Deep Imagery and is of special interest to any one who wishes to explore the Personal Totem Pole process, either on an individual level or as a therapeutic tool.

The Personal Totem Pole Process© has been used worldwide by individuals interested in their own growth and healing, by medical practitioners, by those working with children, on vision quests and by artists and writers and other creative individuals in supporting their own creativity.

The third edition of the book (2012) contains some new and updated material.

The Personal Totem Pole was published in Germany as
Indianische Chakra-Heilen, Verlag Peter Erd, 1991.
It was published in Italy as Totem Personale, Mir Edizioni 2000. E-mail:

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