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The personal story of her Rosalie’s own extensive journey with the chakra animals and the ensuing healing and transformation, beautifully and touchingly written.

This book is the story of Rosalie Douglas’s journeys with her chakra animals through Personal Totem Pole Process©. It is not written from a theoretical standpoint, as indeed Rosalie would have been well capable of doing. Rather, it consists of the very personal and moving descriptions of her own deep imagery journeys, her interactions with the Animals she met in her chakras and the deep and gentle wisdom which they shared with her.
In the book, you feel the closeness and intimacy of Rosalie’s work. All her animals have names. Meet Abel the Bald Eagle, Magna the Tarantula, Amelia the hawk among others. They interact with each other and with her in a way that is deeply moving and full of respect. You feel with her as she moves through the difficult places she encounters in herself as the animals work with her to free the Tiger from the Circus Cage, of the books title.

This is a book that took courage to write and to put into the public forum. If you want to understand the power of deep interactive imagery and especially the Personal Totem Pole Process© from a personal stance, this book is for you.
100 pages. $10.00. ISBN 0-944164-02-1

“The story that follows is of the empowering process through which the circus cage wagon was dismantled and my inner awareness, the beautiful tiger, set free.”
Rosalie Douglas, Author

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