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Deep Imagery is one of the most powerful tools we have in working towards our Wholeness. This imagery is discovered rather than invented. It comes spontaneously and has its own aliveness and its own direction, its own intelligence. It is imagery that we cannot control but we can interact with it and develop a relationship with it. It is the imagery that comes to us in dreams but it can also be invited forth during waking consciousness.

In this book Dr. Gallegos explores the use of Deep Imagery as a means of growing into the wholeness and fullness of our own being, as individuals. Using his own experiences as an example, he shows how the consistent use of deep imagery can bring about transformation and healing in each of our lives, at the pace appropriate to each of us individually.

A uniquely personal account, he describes many of his own Deep Imagery journeys and the changes he experienced as result, over a period of years.

Dr. Eligio Stephen Gallegos is one of the world’s foremost experts on the use of Deep Imagery. He discovered the Personal Totem Pole Process, a particular means of working with Deep Imagery that combines Jungian Thought with Eastern and Native American traditions. His work with Deep Imagery takes him worldwide, training therapists, doctors, artists, teachers and other individuals in the use of Deep Imagery.

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