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I could not put it down . . . upon finishing the book, I felt like reading it all over again . . . beautifully written . . . the author s courage, clarity, and heart fill each page. A work of art . . . a gift to all women, all men, to the Great Being.
Eligio Stephen Gallegos, PhD, Author, Artist, Craftsman Foremost Authority on Deep Imagery

. . a must read . . . recalls the author s transformation as she searches for her true self ( the essence of the heroine s task today ). Emerging as a spiritual warrior, she empowers us to stop, listen and reconnect within.
Sallie Felton, CMC, PCC, Life Coach, Intl. Talk Radio Host

A spell-binding true tale of feminine unfolding and Deep Imagery, illuminating imagery s capacity to serve humanity by weaving together the gold and silver threads of the inner and outer worlds.
Jenny Garrison, RN, Author of Imagery In You


My understanding of being female was an intellectual one, which I came to see was a limited perspective. But life seemed right and comfortable. Living from my logical, rational side, the world of facts and proof, I felt competent, strong and accomplished.
Then one remarkable day I heard an undeniable cry from the feminine deep within. That cry stopped me in my tracks and turned my life upside down. I found myself in territory where my logical mind was not sufficient and I had to question everything I thought I knew.
I became aware of a desperate need to know the feminine as a living presence in my life, a transformative process exquisitely designed to guide me from my rational masculine view to a more authentic way of being. Only later did I comprehend that I had been invited on an inner quest to encounter the archetypal feminine and the soul dimensions of being a woman. That invitation would forever change my life!

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