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With insight and humor, Patrick de Sercey explores the ground of being, the place he terms “Being Space”, what it is to Be without the definitions and impositions of society, culture, religion or any of the other structures that surround us.

Drawing from such seemingly diverse areas such as Existentialism, Buddhism, Sufism and the idea of The Great Mother, among others, Pat illuminates this book with his wisdom and humanity. Through the anecdotes of his own experiences, as a philosopher, psychotherapist, Korean war veteran and his upbringing as a member of the French Nobility, he expounds on his subject matter not just from a theoretical standpoint but from the standpoint of one who has lived and experienced.

One of the most original thinkers of our time, de Sercey, through this book, surely and deftly draws the reader into Being Space.

330 pages, $14.00.
ISBN 0-944164-14-5

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