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The Animals of the Four Windows: Integrating Thinking, Sensing, Imagery and Feeling, ┬ápresents an overview of the four modes of knowing; Thinking, Sensing, Imagery and Feeling. While it has certain similarities to Jung’s ideas on the same topic, it s major difference is that it distinguishes between Imagery and Intuition in a way Jung did not.

The book describes how the ways of knowing have been distorted and how we have moved out of balance, with a strong bias towards thinking and sensing and a lack of value on Imagery and Feeling. It explores the possibility of a return by the Four Ways of Knowing to a balanced relationship with one another.

150 pages, $15.00. ISBN 0-944164-40-4

Published by Moon Bear Press, 1992.
Published in Germany as
Den Schamanen in Sich Entdecken
Verlag Peter Erd, 1993.

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