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Little Ed and Golden Bear is an engaging and inspiring novel.

This is a story of the possibilities of childhood, rooted in creativity, belonging and wholeness and of the passageway into adulthood in true relationship with oneself, one’s community and the earth.

The old woodcarver, Golden Bear, introduces his new apprentice to his power animals. Little Ed is deeply moved by this encounter, and he is changed profoundly through his relationship with his animals and his interactions with his wise old mentor. The book explores the use of deep imagery (chakra animals / Personal Totem Pole Process┬ę) as a central guiding force in the lives of Little Ed and Golden Bear.
180 pages. $15.00. ISBN 0-944164-06-4

Little Ed & Golden Bear, Moon Bear Press, 1993.
Published in Germany as
Little Ed und seine Reise zu den Tieren der Kraft:
Eine indianische Einweihung
2. Auflage, ├╝berarbeitet, 1999. Ryvellus

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