Nothing is Nothing (Stories for your Inner Child) (Volume 1)

A novel for your Inner Child. Meet David, a boy growing up and his friends: Gordy, Elephant, Grandfather, Bear Man, Merman and Dolphin. Share in their adventures together. Be nurtured by their story. A delightful experience! “Nothing is Nothing” is the first in a series of short novels that explore the ways in which education … Read more

Something is Something (Stories for the Inner Child Vol 2)

Something is Something is the second book in the series Stories for the Inner Child by Steve Gallegos (E.S. Gallegos, Ph.D). The series explores the deep imagination as a living and vital part of human awareness. Something is Something follows on from David’s adventures in Nothing is Nothing. Now, after learning from Grandfather, Bearman, Dolphin and of course, Elephant, … Read more

The Circus Cage

The personal story of her Rosalie’s own extensive journey with the chakra animals and the ensuing healing and transformation, beautifully and touchingly written. This book is the story of Rosalie Douglas’s journeys with her chakra animals through Personal Totem Pole Process©. It is not written from a theoretical standpoint, as indeed Rosalie would have been … Read more

Being Space

With insight and humor, Patrick de Sercey explores the ground of being, the place he terms “Being Space”, what it is to Be without the definitions and impositions of society, culture, religion or any of the other structures that surround us. Drawing from such seemingly diverse areas such as Existentialism, Buddhism, Sufism and the idea … Read more